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Lifevision Cosmetics
Cosmetic Manufacturers In Navi Mumbai

Cosmetic Manufacturers In Navi Mumbai

Cosmetic Manufacturers In Navi Mumbai

Cosmetic Manufacturers In Navi Mumbai - Looking for the list of the top Cosmetic manufacturers in Navi Mumbai? Then this blog covers all the information that you’ll need. Lifevision Cosmetics is one of the top cosmetic manufacturing companies in India having its own manufacturing unit and a diverse range. We are already offering our services across India at a very minimal investment. 

Navi Mumbai is in Maharashtra and is located near Mumbai. It is a planned city. Navi Mumbai is categorised into two - North Navi Mumbai and South Navi Mumbai. Also, the current population of Navi Mumbai is approx. 1.119,488. Moreover, Navi Mumbai also has a bunch of industries and companies. 

However, if you want to start a cosmetic business in Navi Mumbai, then reach out to Lifevision Cosmetics today! Give us a call at +91 9815878630 or email at

Leading Cosmetic Manufacturers In Navi Mumbai - Lifevision Cosmetics

Lifevision Cosmetics is offering a well-developed custom-formulated cosmetic range. There are personal care, body, hair care, skin and many more products to offer. Also, opting for third party manufacturing helps in saving money and time. Being one of the top cosmetic companies, we make sure to maintain high-quality standards and use only selected raw materials. Moreover, there are many advantages of choosing Lifevision Cosmetics as the third party cosmetic manufacturing service provider-

  1. We are experts in cosmetic manufacturing and custom formulation. 
  2. Investing in a third party manufacturer helps in saving money and time. 
  3. Get an ISO-certified cosmetic range and we have the capability of manufacturing bulk orders.

Is Cosmetic Business Profitable?

There is no doubt that the cosmetic business indeed is profitable and offers a great return on investment. In India, consumers are actively looking for cosmetic ranges as their income is increasing over the course of years. With liberalisation and globalisation, India has been opening new doors for businesses at the global level. With a growing economy, Indian consumers are interested in buying cosmetic products because -

  1. There is a trend of skincare and self-care that promotes using cosmetic products for taking care of the skin.
  2. Nowadays consumers are more aware of what exactly they are using and how it will affect their bodies. This is creating more organic and herbal products demand in the market. 
  3. Social media also plays an important role in the rising demand for a particular cosmetic range. 
  4. Over the cross decade, men's grooming is also a major and exciting segment of the cosmetic market in India. 
  5. Moreover, the cosmetic market is competitive and offers great profit margins.

Reach out to the Best Cosmetic Manufacturers In Navi Mumbai!

Lifevision Cosmetics is one of the well-known private label cosmetic manufacturing companies in India. We assured you that you will get the best quality cosmetic products at very reasonable rates. Also, we offer a private label facility and assured 100% on-time delivery in Navi Mumbai. 

Here, at our cosmetic manufacturing units, we strictly adhered to the International quality standard. The entire range is made from natural, organic and totally safe raw materials. Moreover, our portfolio is quite vast and also offers custom formulation as well. Lifevision Cosmetics has a premium quality cosmetic range such as 

  1. Skincare range
  2. Hair care range
  3. Hair cleaners 
  4. Oral care toothpaste
  5. Baby care
  6. Men’s grooming
  7. Personal care range

In addition, we also have the capability of ayurvedic and herbal ranges. 

State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Unit At Lifevision Cosmetics

Lifevision Cosmetics has the best manufacturing unit having a state-of-the-art infrastructure. We also have a Research & Development department and a quality control department. Also, Lifevision Cosmetics offers the best warehouse facility along with private label services.

Now, let’s take a look at the highlights of the manufacturing facility of Lifevision Cosmetic- 

  1. Hundred of acres spread premises and ISO-certified units. 
  2. GMP and USFDA approved manufacturing plant
  3. The manufacturing facility is covered with 1,00,000 HEPA filters.
  4. 100% cleanliness and hygiene buildings
  5. Hi-tech equipment and machinery
  6. Proper disposal of waste material
  7. Fully automated premises 

At last, I hope you get all the information regarding the top cosmetic manufacturers in Navi Mumbai, then reach out to us on the following details. 

Contact Details

Name - Lifevision Cosmetics

Email Id. -

Phone Number - +91 9815878630

Address - Lifevision Cosmetics Plot No. 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh - 160014, India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - Why invest in Cosmetic manufacturing?

Answer - Cosmetic manufacturing helps save money and time for all the small and medium industries. 

Question - Who are the best third party cosmetic manufacturers in Navi Mumbai?

Answer - Lifevision Cosmetics is the best third party cosmetic manufacturing company in Navi Mumbai. 

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