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Lifevision Cosmetics
Cosmetics Manufacturers In Kolkata

Cosmetics Manufacturers In Kolkata

Cosmetics Manufacturers In Kolkata

Cosmetics Manufacturers In Kolkata - The Indian Cosmetic industry is booming and opening new business opportunities for all the SMEs and startups to flourish. If you are one of them and want to start your own cosmetic business in Kolkata, West Bengal. Then this blog can be helpful. As we are covering one of the top cosmetics manufacturers in Kolkata i.e. Lifevision Cosmetics. Our company is offering a lifetime opportunity to start a profitable business which requires minimal investment.

Scope of cosmetic manufacturing in Kolkata



Local Market Demand

Crucial demand for cosmetics driven by a increasing population, growing disposable income, and transforming lifestyles

Product Diversity

Wide range of cosmetic products including makeup, skincare, haircare, and traditional beauty products serving to different consumer needs

Raw Material Access

Access to a huge range of raw materials sourced locally and from nearby regions, involving herbs and botanicals for traditional manufacturing

Traditional Formulations

Importance of traditional beauty practices and manufacturing, incorporating locally sourced ingredients and techniques

Skilled Workforce

Availability of skilled labor and experts with professionalism in cosmetic manufacturing procedures, product development, and quality control

Regulatory Environment

Obedience to regulations set by related authorities

Distribution Channels

Implementation of various distribution channels including local retail outlets, online platforms, beauty salons, and direct sales networks

Export Potential

Capability for exporting locally produced cosmetics to regional and international markets, using Kolkata's strategic location and port capabilities

Innovation and Trends

Constant creativity in product manufacturing, packaging designs, and marketing strategies to stay competitive and meet evolving consumer preferences

Collaboration Opportunities

Opportunities for joining with local suppliers, research organizations, and government agencies to improve product quality, renewable, and market reach.

Kolkata has a population of approx. 5,000,000 and it is the capital of West Bengal state. Lifevision Cosmetics is one of the leading cosmetic companies having the capacity to fulfil bulk demand for third party manufacturing. We are offering on-time delivery of all the cosmetic products in Kolkata. These products come in advanced packaging and here you also get a private labelling facility as well. So, for any queries, feel free to reach out to Lifevision Cosmetics, either by calling us at  +91 9815878630 or by email at

The current cosmetic industry is over US$11.16 Billion and it is growing with a CAGR rate of approx. 6%. India is one of the booming markets for the cosmetic industry as the economy grows. Consumers are aware of their needs and the influence of the social media & media industry causing high demand for cosmetic products. 

Best Manufacturing Facility At Lifevision Cosmetics

Being one of the leading manufacturers, Lifevision Cosmetics has the best and state-of-the-art infrastructure for carrying out large quantity cosmetic production. Currently, we are capable of manufacturing a range of creams, shampoo, oils, serum, and many more. Also, Lifevision Cosmetic makes heavy investments in infrastructure and development. Not only that, we have the best skilled and professional staff. For any third party manufacturing, efficiency and efficacy play an important role.

We, at Lifevision Healthcare, are one of the prominent leaders in the cosmetic industry as we are already serving PAN India. When it comes to effective manufacturing and delivery, Lifevision is on the top. We assure on-time delivery in Kolkata as well. Also, there is a warehouse facility as well. We took full responsibility for the quality of the cosmetic range. You will not find the quality and services anywhere else. So, enjoy world-class facilities only with Lifevision Cosmetics in Kolkata!

Best Quality Product Range Available At Lifevision Cosmetics

Here at, Lifevision Cosmetics, we have the following range and products to offer - 

Topical & Derma Range - Our topical and derma and topical range contain no harmful chemicals. The entire range contains over 140 products which include, 

  • Aloe extracts+Salicylic acid+Vitamin E face wash
  • Beclomethasone Dipropionate+Clotrimazole+Neomycin cream
  • Ceto stearyl+Aloevera juice+Shea butter moisturising cream
  • Cetyl Alcohol+Cetostearyl alcohol cleansing lotion

Cosmetic Range - Our cosmetic range has over 20 products so far. The range is made under a strict environment and under the supervision of skilled staff. 

Reach out to the Leading Cosmetics Manufacturers In Kolkata!

Lifevision Cosmetics started in 2010 and is one of the most reputable third party cosmetics manufacturing companies in India. Our company mainly deals in bulk manufacturing of tablets, capsules, cream-based products, face wash, and other cosmetic ranges. Our service is available across India at a very minimal investment. Not only that, but here you can also opt for R&D and a private labelling facility as well. So, Lifevision Cosmetics is the one shop-stop solution for your all needs for third party cosmetic manufacturing. 

Now, Let’s take a look at some of the highlights of working of Lifevision Cosmetics that makes us one of the renowned cosmetics manufacturers in Kolkata - 

  1. There are over 500+ cosmetic products available at Lifevision Cosmetics
  2. We have world-class infrastructure and a team for handling the mass production of cosmetics products.
  3. Lifevision Cosmetics has the modern machines and equipment for carrying out R&D, manufacturing, as well as packaging all the products in bulk. This makes our process quite cost-effective and less time-consuming.
  4. The manufacturing unit is ISO-WHO-GMP-certified. 
  5. Our services are available across India and offer a herbal cosmetic range as well.

At last, collect free samples of cosmetic products by just reaching out to Lifevision Cosmetics on the following details. 

Contact Details

Name - Lifevision Cosmetics

Email Id. -

Phone Number - +91 9815878630

Address - Lifevision Cosmetics Plot No. 11-12, Dainik Bhaskar Building, Sector 25-D, Chandigarh - 160014, India

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Question - Which company is the top cosmetic manufacturing company in India?

Answer - Lifevision Cosmetic is the top and leading cosmetic third party manufacturing company in India.

Question - Does your company offer a herbal cosmetic range?

Answer - Yes, Lifevision Cosmetics offers a top-quality herbal cosmetic range. 

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